Comments and Impact on The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book by Dr. Robert Moultrie

The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book by Dr. Robert Moultrie Comments and Impact

A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Shared Their Comments and To Those Who Took It Steps Further and Brought Me into Their Wings on Their Radio, TV, newspapers, Religious gatherings, Groups, Businesses. As well as Those Who Used the book for their Community Groups, Family Meetings, Business Meetings, Love Life!

Here, I will share some of these awesome quotes and meetings, with occasional updates.

As the topic and this book is so important, I thought it a good idea to share with you the various comments from the wide sector of society. This book has multiple purposes all of which to help people identify and make the changes they need to make to live a more productive life with healthier contributions to relationships with appropriate tolerance and understanding of others for sound mind, body and relationship health. Thus comments are from ‘the people’ from all sectors and society not just to impress the arrogant with ‘well known famous degreed persons’ to validate. Even though Prime Ministers and Presidents are included in this list, the girl and boy, man and woman next door here are of equal importance.

You may be reading the comments to validate your reason for getting your copy or to enjoy the powerful impact the book is having on others or for any reason. Here, as you see, we encourage ‘honest self-reflection. Enjoy. -Doc Rob-Dr. Robert Moultrie

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The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship Book

The topic is extremely appealing…Student, parents and teachers will explore these ideas…The discussions are universal and ‘global’…This courageous endeavor will be appreciated and noted by many as a significant contribution to humanity.” –Marilyn Matthews- Price- mother, wife and educator, Houston, Texas

You put your soul into the book. I read the book with my soul! It has everythingeverything in it. Every experience for everyone. [People] see the book, pick it up and are just gone—into it. It’s like talking to their experience. It’s not a religious book, [like the] Bible, but it gives hope. It gives solutions. That simple book offers the solution! It’s real, real good. Real, real good!!!! It’s real good! It’s a book of success. I have made a lot of improvements while reading your book. It’s like your talking to me.” – Jennifer Greene

Book quote

The psyche of the mother and father will determine the structure of the family.

The structure of the family will determine the structure of the Nation.

The psyche of the mother and father determines the structure of the Nation.


Comments are From A Variety Of People From All Areas Of Society!
I can’t tell you how many people said to me “Young people don’t read!” I went forth knowing they were wrong. Give them something to read that will help them deal with their present situation honestly and fairly, without putting them down, without trying to control them, at their own pace and they will clamour for it!

  • Young Men
  • Young Women
  • Mothers
  • Fathers
  • Educators
  • Government
  • World Peace Leaders
  • Entertainers
  • Athletes
  • Elderly
  • Religious Practitioners
  • Drug Addicts
  • Prisoners
  • Police
  • Prison Commissioners
  • Criminologists
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Some wonderful young men thought the information of the book was significant enough to share at a World Youth Council 2004 meeting with focus on HIV/AIDS in Namibia where representatives from Namibia, South Africa and Malaysia were given the book.

Thank You, Salorne MacDonald and Ernesto Kesar!!!

Young Men

I like this book! I want that book! It’s something I can use. I see a lot in there for me.”-OC, young man with reputation of being in and out of trouble at home.

This book is good! It’s like you speaking to we (us)!” – young man, late teens, grew with quarrelling mother, without presence of father, mild drug use, in and out of ‘trouble’

This book is a blueprint for child development, youth development and parental guidance and should be placed on the list of books to be read by all students …..Anyone, from the common criminal to the politician can find peace and personal fulfillment to motivate themselves and teach others.”

This book allows you to grow rich and healthy thoughts, to motivate yourself so as to rid your mind of negative thoughts …… It provides the nucleus for better parent-child relations using a very simplistic language approach to achieve the goal of building human resource potential. It offers hope to men in difficult circumstances and provides solutions to better male-female relationships. It provides a recipe for peace on earth, instead of confrontation and disunity. The Caribbean and the World needs more authors like Dr. Robert Moultrie with a strong voice and a message to eradicate war and negative angry thinking from the minds of our people.” –Corey Joseph, author, youth activist, poet, gospel music radio host

I like that book! I read it twice! I read it and share it and teach other youth with it. It’s so common sense. Definitely things youth are going thru right now. The things you say on sex…definitely true! …real, real good!” Marlon, young man who cares about his community

Young Women

In a society devoid of knowledge on the effects of parent-child relationship, this book serves as a course to illustrate the profound impact which the relationship between a parent and a child has on and individual and how it influences their perception of life in such a drastic way. I cannot emphasize enough how relevant were the issues raised, to practical life. They related precisely to various situations which confront me on a daily basis.”

Dr. Robert Lee Moultrie has rendered an infallible remedy, assisting us to alleviate the pain and negative anger which is manifested in our actions. Appropriate for any audience, this is a tremendous book which must be read! Keep on writing we need more of your inspired word!!” –Omella St. Louis- Nahous, young woman, age 17, Student

The book is good. It’s real helpful!”

Comments from Many Young Women of St Jude’s School for Girls, for Court Appointed Troubled or Abandoned Girls. Thank You for Purchasing the Books for the School St. Jude’s!!!

This book is fantastic! I shared it with many girls and guys, they want one! Now that I have a baby, I read it on and off to help me understand what I am going through. It’s excellent.”Miss M who was in a home for violent girls and had a life of sex with the father and abandonment from the mother and intense anger.

The book is for our people. Everyone should have this book.”- Keisha, age 26

I picked it up and read a part of it and it kept my attention. I don’t like to read. [Later] I found my mother with it reading it… She said, “ ‘Cause she wants to understand me and her and why we keep fighting.” It’s a good book and helpful. I’m making changes with it.”-Tiffany, 18 yo, sexy body, singer

Yes! I Love this book! It talks about how the family affects what we see in society. I am selling it at my family’s (restaurant) store to help expose others to this information.”-Sharon Sarjudeen

Book Quotes

Many children gain the characteristics of what they experience within the nine months of pregnancy.

Many mothers report a change in position, kicking or possible signs of distress in the womb when the mother is quarreling or angry or the father radiates an angry voice.”

New Mothers

I was seriously thinking about suicide (before my pregnancy). Thanks for talking to me. This book really talked about what I am going through. My boyfriend and I like it. Now I have a new baby to take care of.” Jennifer

New Fathers

Book Quotes

When a child is taught to have negative feelings toward the father or the mother, it has a devastating impact on their total life- their relations with lovers, their friendships, their sex life, their sense of well-being, health, their attitude about life, their prosperity. Not only that, but the way one feels about their parent will have an effect upon the society in which that person lives.”


[My two sons] have picked it up on their own and are engrossed in it the past few days. They haven’t put it down!” – Beverly Merrick Daniels, sons age 14 and 16

Book Quotes

The parent-child bond has a tremendous impact on how one sees and treats their mates. If a woman bears positive thoughts toward her father, she will more likely bring supportive and positive energy to the relationship with her boyfriend or man. Her responses to difficulties that inevitably arise will be of understanding and perseverance of good in the relationship.”

Book Quotes

If a man holds negative feelings toward his mom, he may inadvertently be unresponsive to the psychological needs of women. He may be abusive verbally, physically or psychologically neglectful to her. As well as sexually.”


This is an excellent book, which should be read by everyone in society. [It] addresses many social issues that plague society today. For example, child abuse and single parent households. It is simply written and can be easily understood by both the parent and the child. It is essential reading for many parents and can possibly help solve some of the problems which occur (in homes).

I hope your book will help to eliminate the hurt and abuse in the future generation.

I pray that you will continue being a role model in helping others to be positive, happy and healthy. Keep up your excellent work. God Bless.” – Efua Tutu, Grenada

This book is really good! It has helped me with my son. I will help you to get this message out. It is needed. Thank you. Keep up the good work!”- Ann


You put your soul into the book. I read the book with my soul! It has everythingeverything in it! Every experience for everyone.

(Friends) see the book, pick it up and are just gone—into it. It’s like talking to their experience. Some things in it I was going through as I was reading it.

It’s not a religious book, [like the] Bible, but it gives hope. It gives solutions.

That simple book offers the solution (to crime, family relationship problems)! It’s real, real good. Real, real good!!!! I share it with my friends, family… everyone. I had the book at first but I didn’t read it… I now, now finished it. It’s real good.

It’s a book of success. I made a lot of improvements while reading your book. It’s like your talking to me. How did you know I was going through some of these experiences?” – Jennifer Greene, (1 y follow up)


My son read it to me and we discussed some of the issues in it! He brought out things I didn’t even realize!” – Denise S

Book Quotes

A mother who does not understand men and boys and the way they think will have a devastating impact on the self-esteem development of her male child.”


I take three books to work with me daily: How to Win Friends and Influence People, Million Dollar Moses and The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship. All are alike in being very positive but your book is relevant to what I am going through now. It helped a lot with [my daughter’s mother, myself] and our teenage daughter (age13). I am newly married (to someone other than the mother) and it talks of relevant issues.”- Kenneth Caesar, ending one relationship, beginning a marriage, has a daughter, co-parenting.

Book Quotes

Parents also teach children values that lead to peace and happiness of themselves or distress and depression and hatred of others. Dominant angry fathers or mothers can ‘teach’ low self-confidence, low self-esteem, inability to stand up and say “NO” to peers, leading to children and adults being followers of the wrong crowd.”

Mothers and Fathers

I put the book on the table. [My] son looked at the cover, got closer, picked it up and started reading it just so.. He reads some things to me. We read some together. The cover is very attractive.”- Jennifer

Mothers and Fathers

I use a lot of what is in the book and am reading it often. It really is making a difference with my husband and children. They see the difference!” – S, mother, youth camp supervisor for boys, attended workshop

I drink a lot. My family is saying, ‘What happened to you? Why you changing so?’ I don’t quarrel so much with them anymore! And the drinking cut down. Thank you. Thank you.” –Cook, youth camp worker, father, attended workshop

Book Quotes

Grudges held against parents hold a significant impact into present relations with men and women and their children. Some people’s faces of anger hold ill feelings against a parent long after they have departed company with them.”

Couples Before Marriage


You gave the book to me and my boyfriend (in the past). I love the book. It’s very useful. We read it together. It helps us keep things together. We[‘re] still going good!” Iola George


I AM SPEECHLESS!!! This is sheer genius and timely…People need your work now on this planet….What foresight and insight you have. You are a 21st Century Orson Wells man ahead of his time, yet right in line with! To you there is no time line or limit. The gift to communicate and to impart such knowledge is PLATO!!! “- John Lee Wilson, Pres. SPEVA, Advocate for Elderly, Albany, New York

Book Quotes

Where negative anger is allowed to flourish, it turns people into their worst enemies.”

What are some of Special Features of this Book?


I find this book to be good. Been trying to call you to get more for my daughter and grands! I, especially like what you have to say about what I call, ‘generational curses’. Very good book!!” – Mrs. Alvarez, mother of 2 time Soca Monarch, Bunji Garlin

Book Quotes

Each and every single individual will have an impact on future generations – the born and the yet unborn.

Negative anger is the key to keeping pathological thinking going in a family.”

Different Religious Groups

Book Quotes

A person who does not appreciate their parents does not appreciate much in life that they are given.”

Different Religious Groups

People (parents) have read the Bible, Koran, Torah, (Bhagwat) Geeta for years and have done fine. Those books have empowered all people. They gave them the confidence that they can do it (raise children) even though they don’t have a degree or social status. Now even theologists are studying sociology. People with degrees may have problems with their children. Books like Dr. Moultrie’s is like that, they put parents on equal footing. (It) gives parents the feeling they can do it! It makes them feel empowered! We need more authors/ people like Dr. Moultrie!” Stephen Burris, Baha’i Faith Leader

The book is real solid, solid work. The book is sound.”– Rev. Hasratt Ali of Cabinet Committee on the Family, Christian Faith

Book Quotes

When a person does not grow with one of their parents, they may likely have ‘psychological negligence’ of members of that sex.

Different Religious Groups

I will support this book. I will see what I can do to arrange it getting in our Bookstore and I will discuss it with my Ministers. I also will have you come for an interview on [our] radio programs! I find it very moving that a doctor and professional is so concerned about the family!”

“….the feedback on the book and radio program has been very favorable!” (1 year follow up)-Pastor Clive Dottin, Caribbean Union Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Church

Dr. Moultrie, this is a very, very special book. I will pray that it goes places and touches people’s lives. Some people may give you some trouble on some of the book but don’t worry. You just keep moving it. I want to invite to my services.”-the late Archbishop Beulah V. O’Conner, Pastor and Founder of Church of I Am

This book will definitely make an impact!” Fareed Mohammed, Printer of the Book, Islamic Faith

Thank you for writing and sharing your wonderful book. The spirit of your book is in exact accord with the SGI and the heart of President Ikeda.”

The relationship with the parent and child is so important and significant. It is at the root of the majority of issues that exist in today’s society. Most of these difficulties would be solved if we had great, nurturing relationships between parents and their children. “

Your book will help foster a better future for our society. I am proud of you! Congratulations! “ Danny Nagashima, SGI-USA General Director, Nichiren Buddhist organization

Even if it’s only a brief meeting, give your children a hug when you see them. Touch them and talk to them. Try to make time to listen to what they have to say. As long as you have love and compassion, you will find the wisdom to make this work. The desire to save others becomes merely an abstract goal if those who practice faith cannot communicate with their own children nor build strong and happy families.”- Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International, “Faith into Action,”

Book Quotes

If the psyche of the women and men support each other then everyone will feel they are a significant part of the community and, thus, the family, workplace, schools, businesses, and governments will reflect both men and women in a desirable or equitable manner.

If the psyche is not supportive of men in the minds of women or not supportive of women in the minds of men, there will be an imbalance, either way, and the family, workplace, schools, businesses, and government will reflect that and there will be no peace in that community.”


(I am) certain this book will make a powerful contribution in the attempt at social integration.”The Honourable Prime Minister Patrick Manning of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Thank you Dr. Moultrie! The Anger Management [Transmutation] Workshop for staff, students and parents was very helpful and a blessing. Please stand up and be acknowledged! It really made a difference.” Andreeson Ahyoung, Director Ministry of Youth and Sports, Former Camp Director Persto Praesto Youth Camp for young men, book used during workshop

Book Quotes

..the beginning of arrogance may be when one parent invalidates the value to the relationship of the child or just invalidates the other parent in general.

Arrogant parent(s) breed arrogant children.”


I presented a book to His Worship The Mayor Murchison Brown, Mayor of Port of Spain, Trinidad, where he graciously presented me with a book in return. Thank you Mayor Brown!


Are you from here? People feel like it’s a Trini Caribbean perspective more Caribbean than North American. Text is straight to the point not wordy.

I use it as a reference. It’s not too heavy. You don’t need a dictionary. I have a 21 yo and I make use of it. I pick it up as needed. It’s good. I recommend it to others.”-Bertram Allette, Port of Spain City Councillor, Trinidad


Let me introduce you. This is Dr. Moultrie. He has a wonderful, wonderful book that you all should have and support.” – Minister Eulalie James to other Government Ministers at Luncheon for Nelson Mandela

Former President’s Wife
Mrs. Hassanali

What are some of Special Features of this Book?

Book Quotes

Negative feelings and thoughts toward one or both parents are almost synonymous with violence. The origin of violence is anger. This anger can be self directed or directed toward others. It may come in the form of self-mutilation, drugs, smoking, and alcohol use. Or it may come in the form of crime, stealing, vandalizing, fighting, or abusing others.

Many murderers have held grudges toward their mother and father. Toward their fathers maybe for abandoning them; toward their mother for negative abusive nagging behavior and disregard toward them, leaving them with a sense of “No one cares about me so I don’t give a f__k about no one.”

Ex Prisoners and Ex Drug Addicts

It’s a very good book! Very useful! I highly recommend it. It’s good for young men and ex-cons to help get their thoughts and life together and evaluate where their life is going. I recommend it for everyone. From beginning to end! I found it personally useful.” Wayne Chance, President Vision on Mission, Businessman, Community advocate, Radio Talk Show Host, former prisoner

Ex Prisoners and Ex Drug Addicts

I thank you for the book you gave me while I was in [Women’s] prison. I shared the book with the other women. The murderers said, ‘It was like you were speaking to me, my life’. They were very into it and didn’t want to let it go. It was full of hope and spoke about their life and helped them understand themselves. The officers and prisoners saw something in me. I taught, gave direction and hope, making use of what you gave me. I thank you for believing in me. You don’t have any ‘airs’ about you. You treat me so normal.” – Tahira J

Ex Prisoners and Ex Drug Addicts

(The Book) has a lot to do with my experience. (I had in my family) constant fighting between my mother and father, plus I was constantly told by my father I would amount to nothing (which) I know accounted for my low self-esteem… when I was in the military, and that soldier offered me drugs, I felt like I belonged for I was admired and respected. I think 90% of the time drug use is a result of growing up in a dysfunctional home. Well done!” Garth St. Clair, Radio Talk Show Host “Eye on Dependency”, Former Drug Abuser, counselor.ninvited me on radio to discuss the book and other issues on several shows, Thank you Garth and Natasha!

Prison, Police and Criminologists

Book Quotes

When a person feels that their parents don’t care about them, they may adopt a survival attitude of not caring about or ‘don’t give a f__k about no one else.’ This may be a child who fights, hurls objects at others or hurts others without seemingly understanding the consequences of their actions.”

Prison, Police and Criminologists

Book Purchased by the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police for all its member nations

Thank You Very Much!

Prison, Police and Criminologists

Assistant Commissioner of Police Winston Cooper of Trinidad and Tobago found it useful and asked me to come on his Radio Program to share the ideas in it and the listeners responded very positively during the call in segment of the Program.

Prison, Police and Criminologists

I use this book to help members of my community. It’s a very good book.”-Minister Fitzgerald Hinds, Minister in Ministry of National Security, Trinidad and Tobago

Book Quotes

There are many parents who teach their children to disapprove of the other parent.

When this is done it destroys half of that child’s belief system.

Usually low self-esteem, self-hatred and violence follows.”

Prison, Police and Criminologists

After reading your book on the effects of the parent-child relationship I began to rethink my relationship with my brother, in terms of the relationships each of us have had with our parents, and in terms of the style of parenting in our family.  As I was doing this, my brother came to visit me in Trinidad for the weekend. The express purpose of the visit was just to hang out with me in a country he had never been to, but there was a latent purpose, which was a cry for help based on a traumatic event in his life.”

“We learned that our lack of communication is very much a product of the style of parenting in our family–nothing of any importance was allowed to be discussed when growing up; only trivial day-to-day subjects were open to conversation; our father barely spoke at all. My brother and I carried this on through each of our lives, and it affected our relationship with each other.”

“The communicative gap created perceptions of each other not based in reality (e.g., he believed I didn’t care about him, when I think of him and worry about him all the time but believed I couldn’t do anything about it because he wouldn’t tell me what was going on in his life).  Now that we have a better understanding of where our issues come from, we are confident we will begin to make significant progress on our own relationship.”

“Your book had a lot to do with our ability to do this, and so I would like to thank you for your contribution.” Professor Jeffrey Snipes, Associate Professor, Criminologist, University of San Francisco, USA


I put it on the table [at the Coalition]. People look at it. Pick it up and just keep reading it!” Hal Greaves, Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Restorative Justice ?

Dr. Mark S. Umbreit, Director, Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking, Univ. of Minnesota

Pioneer of Victim-centered response to crime and victim meeting the offender

Book Quotes

Violence can be directed toward oneself or others. It can be verbal and non-verbal or it can be through body language and facial expressions. Violence is anything that has a negative effect on the psyche or physically harms another, whether intentional or unintentional. The underlying theme, inspiration and fuel of violence is negative anger. Often times only the violent act is seen and the Violence Stimulating Factor (VSF) that inspired it and is of negative anger, is not.”


Book purchased by Law Association, Trinidad and Tobago

Family Court

Book was purchased by the Family Court. Workshop series were done on Co-Parenting based on the book.

Book Quotes

Some different types of verbal violence are: Lieing, yelling, criticizing, gossip, rumors, manipulative…

Look” violence is: Looking at people but not saying hello…..”

Family Therapists

Sometimes in life we go through experiences that can make us bitter and this book can help us deal with such feelings…” Dr. Eugenia Springer, family counselor and psychotherapist

What are some of Special Features of this Book?

  • Indexing for Quick Referencing
  • Each Section Is Short, Quick to the Point
  • For All People from Parents – No Matter the Culture, Religion, Gender

Book Quotes

The parent child bond affects the ability of a person to have trust and security in their life. Trust and security come from the parents early in the infant and child’s developmental stages. Trust and security are important for the child to reach out and explore. This is important in taking chances and risks of developing friendships, an essential ingredient to health in society.”


Members of the Cabinet (Gov’t) appointed Committee to Analyze the Status of the Family purchased the book.


We’ll place some in our office for parents to purchase and read!” Barbara King, Trinidad and Tobago Parenting Support

Book Quotes

Today as this is written, in the beginning of the 21st Century, many families are without the presence of the father.

Most of the time this is ‘blamed’ on the father. But it takes two to have such a responsibility and the answer lies in the minds of both mother and father.”

Book Quotes

Many children are born who look like the father of the child-girl or boy. When there is a happy harmonious relationship with the father this may be met with joy and even more attention to that child.

However, when the relationship with the father and mother are not harmonious, the child may be the victim of a series of abuses and expressions of disapproval and frustrations by the mother.”

Parenting and Youth Education

National Parent and Teacher’s Association

I’ll put some in our office and help make them accessible to parents.” – Maureen Taylor-Ryan, National PTA, Trinidad and Tobago


“…for every family, church and school library.”-Mrs. Cerronne Prevatt-Wiltshire of the Ministry of Education of Trinidad and Tobago, Curriculum Co-ordinator


The topic is extremely appealing…Student, parents and teachers will explore these ideas…The discussions are universal and ‘global’…This courageous endeavor will be appreciated and noted by many as a significant contribution to humanity.” Marilyn Matthews- Price- mother, wife and educator, Houston, Texas


I congratulate you on your effort and would hope that the book is widely read by persons in education, like teachers and parents in particular and the society at large”-Michael H. Alleyne, Ph.D., Coordinator School Intervention Strategies Unit, Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

Book Purchased by Learning Resource Center Schools Library Division for all Secondary Schools by Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

Book Quotes

Those who go through hardships and grow from it end up becoming better human beings

Many who were abused in some way by their parents have helped others.

If one goes back to help heal the parent they are growing tremendously and having a big heavy load lifted from them.”

Education and Libraries

This is a very good book. Very timely for the issues we are dealing with in society. It takes the perspective of the child. We are recommending that it be placed in all of the secondary school libraries in the country.” Mrs. Ali and book placement decision-making staff of the Learning Resource Center, Division of the Ministry of Education


NALIS –New National Library System of Trinidad and Tobago

The Place Where It All Began- The Book Launch!!

Thank You NALIS!!

Many Libraries Throughout Caribbean, South America, US and Canada. Thank you!

  • Antigua
  • Aruba
  • Bermuda
  • Barbados
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Cuba
  • Curacao
  • St. Vincent
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  • St. Lucia
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  • Costa Rica


Book Quotes

A child that goes the road of looking into themselves, exploring them as the cause of their difficulties and developing the courage and strength to overcome even the oppression of their parents will be put on the path of happiness and contributing something of value to society.”

US Library of Congress

Book placed and catalogued in US Library of Congress by representative Joan Higbee

Book Quotes

How to Heal Your Relationship with Your Parents

You are just like them in many ways. Yet you may have spent most of your life judging them and putting them down”

Newspaper Book Reviews

More than just a medical practitioner, Dr. Moultrie is interested in the well-being of the whole person- mind, body and soul. He identifies and spells out certain basic human truths. …Dr. Moultrie puts his finger on many of the root problems of our society….(this) book has a wealth of information that would benefit both the ordinary person and the professional.” -Newsday Monday, July 12, 2004

Radio and TV?


Book highly regarded by the mother of music performer two time International Soca Monarch, 2004 and 2005, Bunji Garlin.

Book Quotes

Negative Anger is the number one disease in history and yet the least treated. Anger is more than just an emotion, it is a LIFESTYLE. It causes loss- loss of one’s mind (such as negative anger and other forms of mental illnesses), pushes people away, loss of health, and destruction of Mother Earth.”

Book Quotes

Here are 10 Steps to help You Heal Your Negative Anger…”


“…a wonderfully readable…practical and useful book on the parent child relationship….conversational in tone, encyclopedic in content, and best of all, its utterly convincing because of its grounding in clinical experience and fact. This rich resource has its all, education, family perspective, diagnosis and treatment.”

As I was reading there were certain things that made me linger longer. Dr. Robert Lee Moultrie had undoubtedly in his book given us a joyful and pervading sense of hope. The highest order of helping and healing glows through this very informative, compassionate and practical book. I am sure it will draw the reader in as it throws confusion out. This is an important and much needed book. A must read! Thank you Doc!” Alicia M. Goddard, age 30’s, mother, educator through the performing arts, Trinidad and Tobago

United Nations

Book presented to Secretary General of UNESCO Caribbean Region, Avril Ross

Book placed in the UNESCO Library

Education and Literacy

After reading such an honest dissertation on life’s issues I cannot imagine why anyone would choose a life of pathology. If you are not interested in success and progress don’t read this book.” Lyndon Forbes, Elementary School teacher

Book presented to Ms. Judy Bedayse, Principal of Laventille Boy’s Government Primary School

Book Quotes

The parent child bond has major impact on the sexual life of the child.”

Sexuality and AIDS


It takes a wholistic approach to the problem (HIV). It covers everything! It’s easy to read, even a very young person can read this book . It is an excellent resource. It approaches problems not just from one perspective- multiple angles- family, social, medical, psychological….”

Family perspectives and dynamics and communication are very important in the fight against HIV/AIDS, especially with young people. The book addresses this nicely.The book is great.”

Every individual interested, people infected, family members affected by persons living with HIV, organizations dealing with HIV, national, regional and even international bodies like National AIDS Programmes across the Region as part of their library source. I will be recommending it because we need books like these.”

Especially for those young people who may be searching for life impacting information. They would especially enjoy the different lifestyles reflected experiencing the same issue/problems/challenges. For young people that like to read more than a pamphlet or hand out, it has much more information for them to read. They can just turn to a particular topic and look it up and get information.”-Ginelle Yearwood, Regional Coordinator, Caribbean HIV/AIDS Youth Network, Focus On Youth Trainer from the University of Maryland, Red Cross Together We Can – Trainer, former RapPort Manager –youth based HIV/AIDS action group, mother, wife

Book Quotes

Many girls are also highly affected by mothers who have multiple men in their lives. This, not infrequently, leaves a young girl very angry and who exhibits that anger on other members of society, sometimes sexually.”

Book Quotes

A girl or young woman’s sexual life may be affected by the presence or absence of the father in other ways as well.

There appears to be a relationship of a ‘sexual lid’, that is, boundaries placed on having sexual intercourse, and the quality of the relationship with the father.”

Sexuality and AIDS

People want it when they see it…they like it…they read a bit and want to read more. It is very, very, very good! They want to meet you. I read it three times…. Sometimes I read in bed. I have it under my pillow and pull it out before I go to sleep…..I cherish that book. People are asking me for 2, 3, 4 and more copies!” Joan Noel, mother of five, works with HIV/AIDS staff, counselors and persons affected by HIV/ AIDS

I read your book…I use it and incorporate it in my teaching along with your Self-Esteem CD. Very good! Very relevant! For HIV people doing HIV work they now realize most of the problem is family and self-esteem…it boils down to [self-esteem]…[I like how the book] addresses self-esteem in a wholistic manner and how you [approach] young people in that matter. Of course, I recommend the book!!!” Dale Delecia, HIV Center Manager, Educator and Counselor, Rapport

I am writing a paper and Ginelle (Yearwood) recommended it said it would be great for what I am doing. She was right! I especially like “Every Child Needs a Mother and Father” and “A Good Parent.” Very Good! So True! Many mothers say, ‘I am both mother and father’ without taking into account the ‘needs’ of the child. I work with Youth, Sexuality and Parenting. This book will be very useful. I will share it with the students and my teacher! They will love it! Students come to me and just share some very personal things, so [now] I can guide and direct them where to get help.”-Lima Joseph, mother of 8 and grandmother, student

United Way

Thank you for the book! We’ll help you!”


“ …it’s full of good sense.” Anthony Smallwood, Charge D’Affaire of the European Union Embassy

World Peace Leaders

Thank you very much. I deeply appreciate your sincerity. Please accept my warmest regards.” – Daisaku Ikeda

Book Quotes

More peace occurs where there are healthy relations with the parent-child bond of both parents. More violence will occur where there are unhealthy parent-child bonds.”


The book is Great!!! It is Great for Business! Before you have a good business life, you need to fix your domestic life… If your domestic life is not in order, you can’t fully give to your people, workers, employers and business. It affects your concentration. Great! The book is great! It is so on.” Peter Boyce, businessman

Book Quotes

How a child is raised within the home will influence how they are motivated outside in school and on the job.

If encouragement is used, the child will be self-motivated. When fault-finding, nagging, and criticizing is used, a child and adult is not motivated, not inspired, not encouraged.”

Book Quotes

If you hate or hold anger toward your father or mother your mind is in a state of Hell. You have spent your whole life sabotaging yourself and others in various forms and you’ve never been able to find True Peace.”


I have recommended the book to several families and teachers for use as a guide for parents and teachers to use in the development of the child. We do not have very much printed material by Caribbean Authors for use by Caribbean people in the training of children and parents. This book has a logical step-by-step approach in dealing with the Parent-Child Relationship. It also brings into focus many of the rules, long forgotten, by Caribbean parents and teachers. I wish you good luck in the future, and I would have no problem in recommending this book to others in Caribbean.” William Latchman, Chairman, Vision on Mission, Businessman

I had my daughter read the book before I got around to it and she liked it. It’s funny because she was chuckling at some of the contents. I had to remind her that it’s supposed to be a serious book. I just found out she was living a sheltered life. She kept saying/ asking ‘Are these people for real?’ She tells me that she sees this stuff on TV but never knew real people went through that stuff.” Angella, mother of two, Vice President, Chase Bank, New York


Book Purchased by Human Resource Division of Unit Trust Corporation, well established and largest investment company in the Caribbean

Book Quotes

you must realize that it is your perception that is impaired and it is you who are suffering from your perception.

Therefore, the solution lies in working on you not your father or mother”-

Healing Your Relationship with Your Parents Section”

Healing Community

When I read it, I feel you are talking about me.” –Gillian, massage therapist, grew up fatherless, mother away in the US

Book Presented to Gloria Pemberton-Sones ? pic

Healing Community

Wonderful, wonderful book! I already have family and friends who want to buy the book and would like you to sign it!” Hafiza Ali, massage therapist, Muslim, grew with both parents.

Book Quotes

A good listener can help turn around even some terminal diseases!”

Healing Community

“…I agree with everything! I know a lot of people who have what you talk about and are going through (these issues). You talked about what breaks families up, splits them apart, when people do what they do…and what you can do to mend it back together and heal the whole family. What you didn’t do was focus on one group-Indians, Africans, etc. – you looked at it as ‘These are problems we all go through –all of humankind’ – I like that. Real good book!” Abenta Clark, YMCA, counselor- grew up in home of violence and abuse, used to fight a lot, sent to Girl’s home at early age

Book Quotes


It sends to the recipient several messages: “I don’t trust you. You’re a failure. I have no confidence in you. You’re not good enough.”

Athletes and Fitness

This book is very, very good. ….I’m reading it everywhere- when I travel, even when I bathe! Its very good and useful!” Phyllis M, strong woman, aerobic marathon organizer , mother of children ages 11- 20

Athletes and Fitness

I went over my girlfriend’s house and took my (only) little brother (age 10). He only saw her sisters around. He asked, “Do you have any brothers?” She said, “No”. He then stated, “No brothers, you’re lucky.” I wondered to myself why would he say that? It sounded like a strange comment. So I asked him, “Why did you say that?” “You’re lucky to have no brothers around because boys and brothers are just trouble.” Was his reply. My girlfriend and I looked at each other. We assured him that that is not true and he is not trouble. [However], it made me think. I went home and told my sister (2 yrs younger). We realized how much negativity we talk about boys and men. And we realized how around him our talk is affecting this boy. We promised ourselves to never talk negative things about men again around him.” –Ms H, young woman, age 20

Athletes and Fitness

I always just listened and trusted my mother’s advice. She told me and my sister a lot of negative things about men. Now that I have a boyfriend, I see her differently. She is just trying to pull me away from men—like her. Now I see her differently. I look back on her advice and see it was a lot of distorted views on men and life. I am angry with her and resentful. Your book is really, really good and helpful. It helps explain a lot of my life.” – LT, early 20’s, young woman, fitness trainer, strong sexy physique, student of Social Science

Gender Issues

Several copies of the book were purchased by the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago

Thank You!

Gender Issues

The book is grounded. I mean the style is from the ‘ground’ up. Not just ‘heady’. The style is easy; any category of person can connect to it. It speaks of the universal family experience. It causes self-reflection and inspires a pro-active approach. Any book that can do that is amazing! It’s a powerful book! I can see the interesting perspective of a doctor. I like how you draw the biology into it. It shows the depth of care you have for your patients. I encouraged my (female) neighbor to get the book and I lent my copy to my cousin’s boyfriend. I am recommending it to the UWI (University of the West Indies) Student Guild. I am encouraging many people to read this book! I am going to a conference on The College Male at St. John’s University in Minnesota and I want to take several copies with me!” Michael Francis Granderson, Student, Dept of Gender Affairs, University of the West Indies

Africa: Tanzania and African Union

Book given to ‘Mama’ Gertrude Mongella, President African Union

Africa: Nigeria

Ngozi Wigwe, representative of the Nigerian High Commissioner says, “This book has information and healing of international significance. We can use this in my country of Nigeria.”


I really find it is a book that needs to be in a number of hands. I find it very easy to read. I am going to assist you in getting more sales here.” Daisy Lake, Supervisor, School Libraries Services, Ministry of Education, Human Development and Culture, Antigua


I just completed your book. Excellent. We need to get together and have a long conversation. I’m feeling that you should be one of our Keynote Speakers.” –Deiann E. Sobers, Assistant Director of the National Assistance Board of the Ministry of Social Transformation, Barbados


Preziso!!! Describes my childhood without my mother and my weight. I can read it and I can understand it!”-Ann Navarro, age 19, student


This book is a kind of medicine everybody should take, … I am using it to help me improve my relationship with my son! …..I decided to translate it so that the French speaking world could come and join this love power chain. To me it’s a pride to be part of Doc’s creative energy. It is making (world peace) advance by spreading happiness to humankind. Why don’t you enjoy the trend?”

Susan Laurent, Martinique

France pic ?

Book Presentation to Dr. Michel Bras of France

Countries the Book is In (meaning people brought it there or I sent copies to persons there. Not available in bookstores)

  • Caribbean
  • Antigua
  • Aruba
  • Bermuda
  • Barbados
  • Turks and Caicos
  • Cuba
  • Curacao
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Grenada
  • St. Lucia
  • Dominica
  • Haiti
  • Guadeloupe
  • Martinique
  • St. Maarten
  • Bahamas
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico
  • Cayman Islands
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Dominican Republic
  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Other Countries Book is In
  • Asia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • South America
  • Guyana
  • Venezuela
  • Costa Rica
  • Peru
  • North America
  • United States
  • Canada


I am very impressed with this book. I showed my mother and sisters and brother the book and they are all impressed. I am very proud of you. (After receiving the book) For the first time in years I visited my father’s grave and it had me thinking how much our relationship with our parents influence us.” Della, my former wife!


What are some of Special Features of this Book?

For more on the book itself go here

The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship Book

What are some of Special Features of this Book?

  • Indexing for Quick Referencing
  • Each Section Is Short, Quick to the Point
  • For All People from Parents – No Matter the Culture, Religion, Gender

Are People Making Changes in Their Lives After Reading It?”

It’s a good book and helpful. I’m making changes with it.” – Tiffany, 18 yo

I was seriously thinking about suicide. Thanks for talking to me. This book really talked about what I am going through.” – J

It’s real good. It’s a book of success. I am made a lot of improvements while reading your book.” – Jennifer Greene

We (my ex and me) talked together about some of the issues in it. It helped a lot with our relationship and our teenage daughter.” – Kenneth Caesar

Now that we (my brother and me) have a better understanding of where our issues come from, we are confident we will begin to make significant progress on our own relationship. Your book had a lot to do with our ability to do this, and so I would like to thank you for your contribution.”-Prof. Jeffrey Snipes, Associate Professor of Criminology, University San Francisco

Youth Are Asking for the Book!

“Can I Have A Book?”

[I want the book because] it will help me be a better person, help me grow and focus, and with my temper and ting. [It will also] help me with my family…help me with my family problems.”-Petal, age 15, young woman from St. Jude’s School for Girls, almost no relationship with her father and mother, book given as a gift by me.

It will help me with my temper. I have real temper.”-Crystal Timothy, age 14, spent one week in St. Jude’s School for Girls and my Anger Transmutation class, book given as a gift by me

Youth Are Asking for the Book!

“Can I Have A Book?” Yes! With Your Help
Why Don’t You Help Get One To Them!? Ask About Our Book and Audio Series Sponsoring Program

Youth Are Asking for the Book!

I want that book Doc! People around the block can use it and I can use it to help improve my relations with my son and myself.” – Damian, early 20’s, young man with 3 y.o. Son.

Are People Recommending It?

Here is a Small List of the Many People Who Want to Get the Message in the Book Out to Others

I Want to Help You Get This Message Out to People!!!”

  • Donald Berment
  • Daisy Lake
  • Efua Tutu
  • Gloria Pemberton-Sones
  • Mona Davis
  • Damian
  • Joan Huggins
  • Hafiza Ali
  • Dr. Russell Foote
  • Alexander Asson
  • John Lee Wilson
  • Cheryl Farrell


Thank you!”

I Want to Help You Get This Message Out to People!!!”

A Special Thank You to
Donald Berment in His Assistance in Helping to
Get This Book Out There!

  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Community Development and Gender Affairs
  • University of the West Indies
  • Radio 103
  • Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago
  • CAFRA – Caribbean Association or Feminist Research Association
  • High Court
  • Emancipation Support Committee
  • Family Court
  • Attorneys at Law
  • Families in Action
  • Fire Services
  • Instrumental in Book being on “Recommended Reading List” of Dept. of Behavioural Sciences, UWI
  • Many libraries throughout the Caribbean
  • And Many more sharings of the information to others!!!
  • Thank You Donald!!

Donald Berment

The textbook produced and published by Dr. Moultrie titled “The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship” will remain as an important resource text for a very long time, especially for persons with very young children and families expecting babies.  Needless to say it is also extremely valuable to all adults and mature teenagers because of the critical need to understand the way we are and the behavioural practices adopted.” 

It is only when we fully realise and appreciate the impact of our own “Parent-Child Relationship” can we function at our greatest potential. Your textbook has been  a wonderful learning experience for me and sincerely feel that it will do the same to all its readers.  Let me assure you that I will continue to promote this book to all and sundry and recommend it to all those who come to our Organisation “Men Against Violence Against Women“ (MAVAW) seeking refuge from living in Violent Relationships.  Keep up the good work you are doing for my country.” –Donald Berment, Founder and Secretary MAVAW, Men Against Violence Against Women

Why Should You Get A Copy?

  • To Help Ease the Mind of Someone You Care About
  • Its Practical and Useful
  • You, Too, Can Make A Change in Your Life
  • To Bring Your Family Back Together or Closer

Who Should Get A Copy? Anyone You Know Who Has Problems With

  • Anger
  • Sex
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Social Health
  • Mother Earth Health
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Groups
  • Organizations
  • Religious-Spiritual
  • Business
  • NGO’s
  • Neighbors
  • Everyone!

Where Do I Get My Copies?

How to Get Your Copies

The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book is a $1,000,000 value, if Peace of Mind and Repairing Your Family is Important to You, and now it’s available for you and your family for only

$19.99 US

This remarkable book, with topics in ‘Rooms’ (instead of the traditional Chapters or sections), like a real home, can be started from anywhere and you will still get a great deal of value from it.

To Order

To order, pay to Paypal account first then send an email confirming payment and the email address you would like the series to be sent to. Its quick and easy. Please be patient for initial reply. If you’re in Trinidad and Tobago, you can contact and arrange with Dr. Robert Moultrie directly.

Email address:

Consultations available at extra cost.

After reading The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book or even before, you may realize you have to work on certain areas of your life such as Anger, Relationships, Health and Self-Esteem. There are audio series and a booklet keyed in on these areas to assist you and your family growing in these areas with an overall impact of bringing you and your influence on others’ peace of mind, improved healthier relationships that will effect the generations, and improvement in one’s perception of self and thus others.

(Please excuse us as the Page finalization is still in process)

Learn More and How to Order (Shades of Anger, Fatherhood, A Wealth of Health

Learn More and How to Order FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations

Learn More and How to Order

For the Comprehensive (Nutrititional Program)


Dr Robert Moultrie is looking forward to assisting and joining you with these series on your path of inner growth and health.

Dr. Moultrie is also available for individual and family or group consultations, Just send an email and we will further discuss and make arrangements.

Paypal: Robert Moultrie


Enjoy Life!!!

Thank You for Spending Your Precious Time Viewing This Presentation!!!

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