The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book by Dr. Robert Moultrie

“I picked it up and read a part of it and it kept my attention. I don’t like to read. [Later] I found my mother with it reading it… after we had a fight with each other. I asked her why she was reading it? She said, “ ‘Cause she wants to understand me and her and why we keep fighting.” I read it every once in a while and so does she when she wants to understand something. It’s a good book and helpful. I’m making changes with it.” – Tiffany, 18 yo, sexy body, singer

The psyche of the mother and father will determine the structure of the family. The structure of the family will determine the structure of the Nation. The psyche of the mother and father determines the structure of the Nation.(from The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship)


The Parent-Child Relationship Is The Most Important Relationship In Your Universe.

Why? Because it effects Everything, literally… Everything!

From Sex to Thoughts of Confidence, Self-Esteem and Anger, To How You Relate to Boys and Men and How You Guide Their Minds and Women and Girls and How You Guide Their Minds. It Effects Your Health in Mind, Body and Relations. It Thus effects Your Thoughts and How You Treat Animals, Birds, Plants and Life…Everything!

For far too many people this relationship is impaired and has been impaired for countless generations. Society has people doing a lot, much of it just going around in circles but few have focused on healing this relationship in their own self and family, instead they have replaced it with Arrogance.

Who Should Get This…?

EveryoneIf you had good thoughts and relations with your parent ..great! This book will help you understand your lovers, your co workers, your classmates, your neighbors and friends. With better understanding, there are more peaceful relations and states of mind and happiness.

If your suffering from any chronic, life threatening or repetitive disease (such as colds, flus, asthma, etc.) you should add healing of your thoughts toward your mother and father to the Healing Regime and get this book.

If you have low Self-Esteem (which even persons who ‘accomplish great things’ or ‘are rich’ may have), low confidence (or confuse it with Arrogance-get Arrogance Disease not the Same as Confidence booklet to clarify), Think Negatively or Allow Anger to Guide Your Mouth and Actions, …You Should Get Two Books, lol…!

This book should be gifted to all who are contemplating marriage, are married, thinking of divorce or are divorced or want to shack up with their guy or gal…and for those who are lonely and those who ‘choose to be alone’. It is for those who are advisors of relationships who’s advice is oriented toward persons ‘splitting up rather that healing together’…for these are dangerous people in our midst.


“I stabbed my sister and went to Women’s prison. I had a lot of rage in me. I read that book. When I finished I was happy! It changed my life! It talked exactly of the things I went through!” – Rachel R, young woman, age 20


“It’s a very spiritual book yet not religious. It helps you to set goals for your life! I have made changes with my father with it.” – Kenard Knight, young man age 22


“Great for business! ‘First you must set your family in order to get your business in order.’” – Peter Boyce, businessman


“It’s a great resource book for people with HIV/AIDS and caretakers and people involved in the field.” – Ginelle Yearwood MacDonald –Caribbean Regional AIDS Coordinator


“I shared and discussed some issues in here with the mother of my daughter..though we are not together we communicate a lot better now. It’s a great book!”– Kenneth Caesar, former Curator Zoo

What are some of the Features of the book?

  • Its Interactive with the Reader
  • It Causes You to Look at You
  • It Causes You to Think
  • Its in Easy and Friendly Language
  • It Has Research and Statistics That Are Not Intimidating


“You put your soul into the book. I read the book with my soul! It has everything…everything in it. Every experience for everyone. I invited people over for 5 weekends. I don’t push the book on them. They see the book, pick it up and are just gone—into it. It’s like talking to their experience. Some things in it I was going through as I was reading it. It’s not a religious book, [like the] Bible, but it gives hope. It gives solutions. They (National Security) are buying a blimp [for crime]. [That’s not going to solve and prevent crime.] That simple book offers the solution! It’s real, real good. Real, real good!!!! I share it with my friends, family, everyone. I had the book at first but I didn’t read it… I now, now finished it. It’s real good. It’s a book of success. I am made a lot of improvements while reading your book. It’s like your talking to me. How did you know I was going through some of these experiences?” – Jennifer Greene, (1 y follow up)


How Can I Get My Copy or Purchase a Copy and Send it to A Family Member, Loved One or Friend or Enemy? See below How to Get Your Copy

What are some other features of this book?

  • It Shares Real Life Cases and Examples
  • It is Filled with Healing and Solutions
  • It is Non-Judgmental in Tone
  • It has Quotes from Many Cultures and Religions Around the World
  • You Can Apply It Now!

“I thank you for the book you gave me while I was in [Women’s] prison. I shared the book with the other women. The murderers said, ‘It was like you were speaking to me, my life’. They were very into it and didn’t want to let it go. It was full of hope and spoke about their life and helped them understand themselves. The officers and prisoners saw something in me. I taught, gave direction and hope, making use of what you gave me. I thank you for believing in me. You don’t have any ‘airs’ about you. You treat me so normal.” – Hazel John,

There is also,

  • Indexing for Quick Referencing for personal or professional research
  • Each Section Is Short, Quick to the Point
  • For All People from Parents No Matter the Culture, Religion, Gender

“This is an excellent book which addresses many social issues that plague society today. For example, child abuse and single parent households. It is simply written and can be easily understood by both the parent and the child. It is essential reading for parents and can possibly help solve some of the problems which occur (in homes.) I hope your book will help to eliminate the hurt and abuse in the future generations. I pray that you will continue being a role model in helping others to be positive, happy and healthy. Keep up your excellent work. It is such a privilege to meet the author of this book which I enjoyed very much and I hope many others will enjoy reading this wonderful book too!”-Mother Efua Tutu



(I am) certain this book will make a powerful contribution in the attempt at social integration.”- The Honourable Prime Minister Patrick Manning of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago


After reading your book on the effects of the parent-child relationship I began to rethink my relationship with my brother, in terms of the relationships each of us have had with our parents, and in terms of the style of parenting in our family.  As I was doing this, my brother came to visit me in Trinidad for the weekend.  The express purpose of the visit was just to hang out with me in a country he had never been to, but there was a latent purpose, which was a cry for help based on a traumatic event in his life.”

We learned that our lack of communication is very much a product of the style of parenting in our family–nothing of any importance was allowed to be discussed when growing up; only trivial day-to-day subjects were open to conversation; our father barely spoke at all.  My brother and I carried this on through each of our lives, and it affected our relationship with each other.

The communicative gap created perceptions of each other not based in reality (e.g., he believed I didn’t care about him, when I think of him and worry about him all the time but believed I couldn’t do anything about it because he wouldn’t tell me what was going on in his life).  Now that we have a better understanding of where our issues come from, we are confident we will begin to make significant progress on our own relationship.”

Your book had a lot to do with our ability to do this, and so I would like to thank you for your contribution.” – Professor Jeffrey Snipes, Associate Professor, Criminologist, University of San Francisco, USA

Isn’t It Time for These Types of Results for You and Your Family Too?

How to Get Your Copy

The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship ebook is a $1,000 value but now available for you and your family for only

$19.99 US!

This remarkable ebook, with topics in ‘Rooms’ (instead of the traditional Chapters or sections), like a real home, can be started from anywhere and you will still get a great deal of value from it.

To Order

To order, pay to Paypal account first then send an email confirming payment and the email address you would like the series to be sent to. Its quick and easy. Please be patient for initial reply. If you’re in Trinidad and Tobago, you can contact and arrange with Dr. Robert Moultrie directly.

Email address:

Consultations available at extra cost.

After reading The Power and Influence of the Parent-Child Relationship book or even before, you may realize you have to work on certain areas of your life such as Anger, Relationships, Health and Self-Esteem. In addition to this book, there are audio series and booklet keyed in on these areas to assist you and your family growing in these areas with an overall impact of bringing you and your influence on others’ peace of mind, improved healthier relationships that will effect the generations, and improvement in one’s perception of self and thus others.

Learn More and How to Order Shades of Anger audio series 

Learn More and How to Order A Wealth of Health audio series

Learn More and How to Order  FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations

For the Comprehensive Nutrititional Program Healthy Life Pack

Dr Robert Moultrie is looking forward to assisting and joining you with these series on your path of inner growth and health or BEAUTY ON THE OUTSIDE BEAUTY ON THE INSIDE.

Dr. Moultrie is also available for individual and family or group consultations, Just send an email and we will further discuss and make arrangements.

Paypal: Robert Moultrie



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