FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations

Now I understand and have the missing link in my life.”

  • Poor Socialization With Men And Boys Leading To Subtle Or Overt Anger And Violence To Boys, Men And One’s Sons.
  • Feeling Of Low Self Worth, Unable To Accomplish Many Things Started Or Can Be Great At One Or More Things But Spend Alone Time Negative Thoughts Pervades One’s Mind. A Difficult To Treat Disease Later Or Early In Life Or Multiple Ear Infections, Colds, Flus Or Other Illnesses.
  • Anger Outburst. Crime. Prison Culture. Shortened Life Span. Being Surrounded By A Culture Of Women And Girls Who Despise Or Disrespect Fathers And Men And Criticize Boys.
  • Sexual Life Of Effect In Orientation, Ability To Be Close And Attachment And Number Of Partners By Sons Or Daughters.


They have in common FATHERHOOD…. These and more represent the IMPACT of the FATHER-CHILD RELATIONSHIP.

The audio series FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations takes an in depth look at these effects and more, including the impact on the THIRD Generation or an Impaired Relationship. A GIRL or WOMAN’S RELATIONSHIP with Her Father has a Powerful Influence on Her and the Ability of a Man to Father His Own Children. A Condition extremely prevalent in these times.

Why Its Important to Heal Your Fatherhood Perception?

  • The Fatherhood Relationship Effects the Qualities and Type of Person, He and She Attracts in Their Life
  • The Fatherhood Relationship May Be the Reason Why A Man or Woman, Boy or Girl Repel Lovers from Their Life. Initially or During Courtship, He or She Puts out Behavior to Attract, Then in the Second Stage or More, The Way He or She Feels About Their Father Repels or Attracts More in One’s Partner
  • The Community Often Looks at ‘Man’ But Not Women. It Effects BOTH!
  • It Effects Longevity of (Life, Work, Jobs, Homes, Relationships)
  • It Effects Sexual Life (Orientation, attachment-detachment, fantasies, tormenting sexual thoughts, violence-soft, abuse, purpose)
  • It Effects Eating Disorders, Depression, Suicide, Homicide and a Whole Range of Psychosocial Issues

The Mother’s Relationship to Her Father is Also Very Important:

What She tells Child of the Father can lead to suicide, depression, self hate,homicide, abuse to boys and men

She May

  • Be Controlling as a Mother to Sons,
  • A Criticizer Killing the Motivation, Drive, Spirit of the Sons
  • Say Abusive and Hurtful Things
  • Have Multiple Men (or Women) Going In and Out of Her Bedroom Effecting Sons and Daughters Respect of Women and Perception
  • May Feel Her Role is to ‘Push Men and My Sons to Be Better’, nagging, criticizing, belittling them in the process, killing his spirit, thus making him violent and angry
  • She May Abuse the Father in Multiple Ways including Withholding the Son or Daughter from Having a Healthy Relationship with the Father
  • She May Lie and Accuse Him of Things He Never Did, even accuse him of rape of his own child to be mean and vindictive
  • She May Not Have Attachments, Even Using Him Simply to Have a Child or to Extort Money Pretending to ‘Love Him’
  • She May Just Like to Abuse Men with Her Beauty by ‘Teasing Them’
  • She May Enjoy Ruining Stable Family Relations of Which She Did Not Enjoy Growing Up

My sister listened to your audio on Fatherhood. she was so moved! She said, “Now I understand and have the missing link in my life.” This series put her mind at ease and helped her to understand so much about the decisions she made and what she did during her life.”- Ms M Hinds

These Effect the Third Generation Sons and Daughters

  • To Be Spoiled or Angry and Other Ways


In the Third Generation Sons You May See

  • Behavioral Problems such as Difficulties in School, lack of focus, concentration, interest and poor grades in an intelligent child if tapped into properly
  • In teens, may see hanging, attracted to ‘wrong crowd’ for validation and anger expression, hatred of mother and father which leads to more violence and self destruction
  • With further frustration hearing from women and men ‘Why Don’t You Become a Man’ When he is trying without having the respect of a role model to guide him.

There are Sections on

  • Being A Good Parent with Practical Guidances to Improve
  • Being A Good Father with Practical Guidances on What Only Fathers Can Give, Such as
  • Choosing Your Mate- Too Few Men and Boys are Guided into Proper Decisions of Who to Have Sex with and Have as a Mate. Too Many are Surrounded by Advising Boys, Men, Girls, Women or Just Her Looks But Not if She’ll Bring You Piece of Mind Even When Angry
  • What to Do During Pregnancy and at Birth
  • What to Do If Living/Working Away from Child and Mother
  • Making Important Moments for Memories in Child’s Life
  • Listening and Guiding Children
  • Showing Your Son by Example How to Hold His Penis During Urination, Wearing ‘Boy’ Underwear not like Girls, Tieing Ties, Combing Male Hair-Sources of Invisible Frustration of Males without a Male-Father Role Model Present in His Home and Life
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Establishing Respect Not Fear of Him


There is a Section on HEALING ONE’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR FATHER -whether alive or deceased, present or absent. Tips for Everyone. Step by Step Process and How to Establish Honest Communication and Not Try to Control Him, More

Healing One’s Perception of Their Relationship with Their Father is Important to :

  • Experience a Change in One’s UNIVERSE-
  • Improve Family Relationships
  • Improve Relationships with Lovers
  • Improve a Serious Health Condition,
  • Improve One’s Outlook on Life and Sense of Self-Esteem
  • …and Improve So Much More


FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations Track Titles

Audio Track Fatherhood Track Title
FH 01 Introduction Fatherhood 01
FH 02 Purpose of this CD 02
FH 03 Fatherhood Mother Impact Track 3
FH 04 Influences Everything Track 4
FH 05 Self Esteem Sex Track 5
FH 06 Sex Within the Family Track 6
FH 07 Eating Disorders Track 7
FH 08 Anger Crime Violence Track 8
FH 09 Suicide Angry Mother No Father Track 9
FH 10 Self Abuse Low Self Esteem Track 10
FH 11 Physical Health Track 11
FH 12 When Relations Bad Generations Track 12
FH 13 When the Relationship is Good Good Effects 13
FH 14 Daughters Choices Track 14
FH 15 Third Generation Son Track 15
FH 16 Third Generation Daughter Track 16
FH 17 Sex Life of Daughter Track 17
FH 18 Abusive or No Father Sons Track 18
FH 19 Parenting Good Parent 19
FH 20 Communication Between Parents Discipline Track 20
FH 21 Other Parents Struggles Track 21
FH 22 Cultural View of Fatherhood Track 22
FH 23 A Good Parent Track 23
FH 24 A Good Father Track 24
FH 25 Practical Tips Track 25
FH 26 Healing Your Relationship With Your Father 26
FH 27 More Assistance 27

FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations audio series offers suggestions on How to Be A Good Father, for first time fathers or Seasoned Fathers or Fathers Who Have Not Been Fully in One’s Life

FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations is Designed for Men, Women, Boys and Girls

Some Features of the Series Include

  • Encouraging Self Analysis
  • Speaks of YOUR Experiences
  • Its Filled with Hope and HEAVILY SOLUTION ORIENTED

….and Some say the Author has a Nice Soothing Voice… you decide…

Your info is much needed! It spoke of me and my ex or the mother of my child. We broke up but I was really moved by the info on Fatherhood audio series, I got her to listen to it as it related to her experience too…After a while we got back together and my daughter started doing better in school! I will promote this at my store! You need to get this info out fast! OUR PEOPLE NEED THIS!” – Mr D Valley


The FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations audio series is A $1,000 value but Yours now for just available for you and your family for only

$20 US.

This one hour, avg 2-7 min tracks, is convenient to listen to topics, stop and review or start at various topics, though it is best advised at first to go through it in order. The tracks are in mp3 popular format.

To Order

To order, pay to Paypal account first then send me an email confirming paypment and email address you would like the series sent to. Its quick and easy. Please be patient for initial reply. If your in Trinidad and Tobago, you can contact and arrange with Dr. Robert Moultrie directly.

Email address: encouraging3000@gmail.com

Consultations available at extra cost.

After listening to the FATHERHOOD and Its Impact on Anger, Sexual Life, Health, Relations and Future Generations audio series or even before, you may realize you have to work on certain areas of your life such as Anger, Relationships, Health and Self-Esteem. There are audio series and a book keyed in on these areas to assist you and your family growing in these areas with an overall impact of bringing you and your influence on others’ peace of mind, improved healthier relationships that will effect the generations, and improvement in one’s perception of self and thus others.

Dr Robert Moultrie is looking forward to assisting and joining you with these series on your path of inner growth and health.

Dr. Moultrie is also available for individual and family or group consultations. Just send an email and we will further discuss and make arrangements.


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