Shades of Anger by Dr. Robert Moultrie

Shades of Anger Audio Series by Dr. Robert Moultrie

What can you do to improve your relationships, improve your health, benefit the environment, stop abuse to you and from you, change history and be the master of your time, all in the same moment?

Heal Your Own Anger!

When I ask, “Do you know anyone who has anger?” many people say “No, not that I can think of”. For many they think of anger as the emotion or the bursts of rage or temper tantrums, but anger expresses itself in far more ways.

  • Many comedians, who make you laugh all the time have anger!
  • Some people who are Soft spoken have a lot of anger
  • Anger may come as Low self esteem
  • Arrogance that you initially admired as confidence is a severe form of anger
  • Cheating on their partner in a relationship may be a form of anger
  • Liers and dishonest people suffer from anger
  • Many angry people eat angry foods
  • Many road accidents or many types of accidents have as their basis angry moments of leaving the house or phone conversations on the cell phone

It’s very helpful and insightful in dealing with relationships. The ‘I Love You’ Concept section, I really really like. “Some use it as a manipulative tool.”-Kinori

Many people see the anger in another in their life but don’t see how their anger attracted that in the person or pulled that behavior out of them.

It is often denied or dealt with by the person, who feels they can deal with it on their own, inadequately causing hurt and pain to their loved ones and consequently back to them.

Anger is far more than an emotion, it is a lifestyle, a way of thinking

Most people do not realize they are ‘angry’ because they believe ‘angry’ means a person who often expresses it as rage or temper or outbursts.

I learn from those (Anger CD info). I cool my head with them. –Mustapha

Negative Anger can come in calm voices and smiles sometimes with vindictive, mean people. Or one can seem to be ‘ok when I’m alone’ but in the presence of others or another negative thoughts and/or actions might arise.

This is not simply Anger Management, or dealing with Angry moments but it is Anger Transmutation, which deals with Anger as a Lifestyle!

Yes, it is more than an emotional moment, it is a whole way of thinking, of eating, of relating, of treating oneself and others, of even how one treats Mother Earth. For whatever reason, at this time of history, negative anger is at its peak in the world, and in men and women’s lives thus affecting the youth and children and animals and plants and environment as a whole. About

Many have used this Audio series Shades of Anger and have made remarkable improvement in how they see problems, themselves, the people around them, the world and some have even noticed things they never noted before, like a beautiful sunrise or enjoying the rain. Or the greatness in the person they chose as a partner or the greatness in their own children or the wonderfulness in their own parents. Some have used this work to get a handle on a potential debilitating disease. Its impact appears to be individual of which I appreciate. You will find that it’s approach is very different than the average Anger Management approach.

I like it and my husband who is an alcoholic and doesn’t listen to just anything, he likes it too.-Mrs. Gomez

Why YOU, your family, employees, community, nation, or people need this NEED Shades of Anger Audio series

If you or a family member have (loss) in any area

Loss in

  • Relationships
  • Friendships
  • Mind Health
  • Physical Health
  • Prosperity



Do you have ANY signs of ANGER EFFECT?


  • Lonely
  • Need everyone to be your friend
  • Want to be popular
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Arrogant
  • Jealous
  • Anger
  • Hold Grudges
  • Vindictive
  • Vengeful
  • Mean
  • Cruel
  • Mental or Mind Illness


How is this different than others Anger Management approaches?

This is not simply Anger Management, which addresses anger if the definition is its an Emotion, which many conclude doesn’t work for healing the anger way of life. Looking at Anger this way may or may not simply deal with the momentary emotion of anger.

This is Anger Transmutation which is transforming the energy of Anger into something good Or non destructive and is healing, to both self and all those around them.

Thanks to you and the series (Shades of Anger) I purchased from you…you saved my life and the life of many others-Ms Monique A– comment approximately 5-6 years later

What are some other features of this audio series?

  • Its Interactive with the Reader
  • It Causes You to Look at You
  • It Causes You to Think
  • Its in Easy and Friendly Language
  • It Has Research and Statistics That Are Not Intimidating

Self Analysis and Personal Growth are a must for all people.

The information is very balanced, very true. When you here the truth it just registers.-Kinori

What happens when you work on your anger?!

I also like the section on arrogance. Also I found very interesting, how you paralleled a society’s behavior to what’s going on wider. The connection of the individual, society, environment, weather, plants. It only goes to show you (that) our existence is not just us. It affects other people, things.Kinori

When You Work on Your Anger You Can Expect Over Time Improvements in:

  • Your healths!!!!
  • Your mind moves to peace and happiness and away from vindictiveness and other forms of anger!!!! And you stop BLAMING!!!!
  • Your Family gets closer and more trusting of each other!!!!
  • You change your friendships to mutually encouraging and uplifting in positive activities!!!
  • Your home and environment becomes more orderly and clean!!!
  • The plants, animals, viruses, bacteria, and even the air change!!!!
  • Your relationships have more joy!!!
  • You make significant gains in a health condition!!! Maybe even completely be cured of a health condition!!!
  • Your prosperity energy will be on the road to increasing!!!!
  • You start to smile more!!!!
  • You see beauty around you and in the stars that you never noticed existed before!!!!!

Your whole Universe Changes before your very eyes!!!!

“I recommend it for anybody.” -Kinori

I don’t fly off like I used to. –Mustapha

I recommend others get it!”- Mustapha- still listens approximately 4 years later


The Shades of Anger audio series is a $20,000 value… but Yours now available just for you and your family for only

$50 US.

This four hour, avg 2-7 min tracks, is convenient to listen to topics, stop and review or start at various topics, though it is best advised at first to go through it in order. The tracks are in popular mp3 format.

To Order

To order, pay to Paypal account first then send an email to the address below confirming paypment and email address you would like the series sent to. Its quick and easy. Please be patient for initial reply.

Email address:

Consultations for Individuals, couples, families are available.

After listening to the Shades of Anger audio series, or in any order, we recommend you listen to the A Wealth of Health audio series and Program. You may realize you have to work on certain areas of your life such as any Relationship, and Self-Esteem. There are audio series and a book keyed in on these areas to assist you and your family growing in these areas with an overall impact of bringing you and your influence on others’ peace of mind, improved healthier relationships that will effect the generations, and improvement in one’s perception of self and thus others. Detailed description will be shared at a later time.

Dr Robert Moultrie is looking forward to assisting and joining you with these series on your path of inner growth and health.

Dr. Moultrie is also available for individual and family or group consultations. Just send an email and we will further discuss and make arrangements.


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