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Have You Heard About the I Love It Challenge?

The Love It Challenge is Symmetry Global’s way of saying “You need at least 90 different nutrients for your body to meet its Nutritional Health requirements. We’ll give you over 150! At 20 times less the cost! Try it for 3 months and if you don’t like what they do for your body and mind, then we’ll give you 100% of your money back guaranteed!” How does that sound?

I, Dr. Robert Moultrie, have been involved with Symmetry’s nutritional health program for a number of years, since 1997. Before I got involved, I knew, though I had great and the latest medical training from medical schools I attended, that our Western approach of ‘find it if its broken’ and ‘fix it when its broken with patches’ was sometimes addressing the ‘problem’ but not ‘healing the patient’ and as a result far from often, causing other problems or not avoiding the future problem the present problem was trying to hint to us. That’s a lot, get it? (phew! lol) In other words, I knew there was more to the picture and I clearly realized what we put in our mouths was one extremely important ingredient.

I, thus, embarked on a personal journey which had many parts. One of which was studying various nutrients and their impact. I knew it was not just Vitamins and minerals we needed but fruits, vegetables and herbs and more that was needed. I also learned that one fruit was not the same as another of its kind. Soil health being ignored or different made a difference…plus other factors of Life. I was introduced to Symmetry’s nutritional program by someone who has remained a good friend and her boss at the time who also is a good friend. I had sinus problem with sinusitis, usually treated by my Western training with antibiotics but having treated many that way as ‘standard practice’ I found it woefully inadequate treatment and disappointing. I didn’t want to go that route. I said “ok….I’ll get involved with Symmetry’s program and first try the Symmetry Optibreathe”, a series of nutrients of herbs and minerals that address various aspects of lungs, throat and sinuses, as well as the immune system. Within 5 days, I stood at my first meeting amazed that I had clear sinuses after using Optibreathe!

Of course, I study everything, so I went to the local medical library (as home pc’s were not so readily available then) and researched nutritional medical journals and discovered there was tons of great nutrients in there that had research on them to do what they say they do. I had an additional arsenal to help heal my patients, friends and family!

Now, I want to offer you this opportunity to take advantage of this fantastic company that uses wisdom for the ancients and modern science of the present with wisdom from around the various cultures of the globe-Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic, Native American, African, Polynesian, European, American, like no other company in the world! Not only for sicknesses but even more wisely to maintain or improve health!

Along with my A Wealth of Health Program (ask me about that if you don’t have yours yet), Symmetry Global is offering a special package to assist you in putting your health at another level.

Health is not just checking for diseases but doing and giving the body and mind what it needs for optimal function, not just barely living. This package gives your body over 150 nutrients for less than 10 times the cost normally, if you were to try and get them individually (which many special nutrients in these products you can’t), and with this special program, Symmetry almost halves the cost, which means your saving almost 20 times the amount of money!!!

“While on the Symmetry Genesis and Nutrapack my blood sugar had been nicely controlled. Ranging below 120 mostly around 110-115” -AH

In these challenging economic times, such savings is invaluable to help with your prosperity health (discussed on my A Wealth of Health audio series). And, in addition, Symmetry offers you ways of earning further income simply by others joining this make sense easy package. Its called I Love It Challenge! We challenge you and your family and friends to Love It for 90 days or get your money back! As others Love It, you get free products to use or sell, if you wish and can get $100 US for every 4 persons who signs up to this make sense nutritional supplement plan, which you can use to purchase your next monthly Healthy Life Pack or for whatever you wish to use it for.

‘I used the Symmetry NutraPack and Megajuice for my 9yo son with sickle cell. He had frequent painful crises which even hurt me to watch him go through it. I always took the doctors medicine and nutrient they prescribed but he still had the crises. Ever since being on these products, he’s never had a crises. Now he just graduated college and is big and strong. He still takes them and is going good in mind and body.” FW

Its really quite a simple plan. Symmetry has been around for 22 years (this month, May, is the 22nd Anniversary!) and globally impacting on health and people’s financial situation giving testimony after testimony. Our motto is ‘Our products are never done’. If new research says something can be improved, they improve them. The same for the business plan. If you heard of Symmetry before, you know its awesome but this business plan is new and not like anything you’ve heard before. Take a few moments out and listen to these videos. When your finished please get right back to me by tomorrow and share with me what you like about what you heard. Ok? Feel free to ask me any questions of a health problem and these nutrients. I will do my best to answer. Any further questions I have I have quick and easy access to the doctor in charge of Product Development who trains doctors and governments around the world on nutritional health-Doc Rob

Take the I Love It Challenge, for more info view this brief video

And for even More detail by Dr Mark Crapo on the Healthy Life Pack

Join here and Get the Big Discounted price and Order Here with more information. A very safe and secure site from this 22 year company

Contact me, Doc Rob at

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UltraVitality NutraPack

Immune D

Advanced Omega

“I try to take pretty good care of myself and pay close attention to not only the food by name but if the food has ‘power’. I’ve been eating lots of vegetables and fruits over recent years but I don’t feel the umph! In them, which I am cautious to interpret its doing what it should be. When I take the Symmetry products I feel that umph! That verve, that Life! They also contributed to dramatically decreasing my mucous and asthma attacks. Plus I note my urine stream has improved which may be saying something about the prostate” -Doc Rob-Dr. Robert Moultrie


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