A Wealth of Health Program by Dr. Robert Moultrie


A Wealth of Health Program is The most comprehensive Health Program in the history of the Earth.

A Pretty large order, I’m sure you too are saying. It is A Program designed to guarantee improvement in the quality and status of your health(s) or quality of one’s dying process when not just listened to but implemented and used for you, your family(ies), community, nation and world.

Anyone can make use of it-from inside the womb to throughout the journey of Life. It puts the locus of control back into the hands of the only one who can control your health-the listener. It is principled based and thus for any culture of belief systems use. It is in simple language yet meaningful concepts such that a child to a professor to a learned healthcare practitioner can learn and benefit.

Without this information, many people are dieing early or not living, just existing. It does not make you feel guilty or stupid wherever you are at in your implementation and knowledge basis. It guides you to move at your pace in your time. And… Many say the author has a nice voice!


Does It Work?

Though that is not a good question, as the more accurate question would be: If I use this and implement what is taught to me, will it make a difference in my health status?

And the answer to that question is best answered by some who have used it.

Using the principles expounded in this remarkable series, a patient, Lee was HIV pos upon meeting me. Making use of what is shared he ‘lived more’. He improved his relationship with good food and found his sense of purpose in helping the elderly by being an advisor and advocate for them. He learned how his issues of rejection by his parents and early childhood experiences of being molested by teen girls when he was 5 affected him and began healing not hating. He found his status went from AIDS to HIV pos to HIV non detectable. After years of HIV non detectable status, he now says “I no longer identify my status as AIDS patient. I moved from that.”


Kim, also an HIV patient, was on various meds and in a state of not moving up or down, generally, though often feeling down but not feeling like she was making inroads forward. After getting involved in helping youth in her local community, she felt a new sense of life. She said, “She no longer felt worthless by the negative people in my home because when she was made to feel so, all she had to do was think of the joy she was bringing to the kids and she felt worthy.”


Debbie had taken a long time to get the audio series though she wanted it. She was partially reluctant because she wanted to stop smoking but didn’t want a lecture to feel bad about it. She finally listened to the A Wealth of Health audio series. Three years later she said, “She continues to not smoke ever since shortly after listening to the audio series. It was easy and painless when I really thought about what you said.”

This is NOT your typical nutrition, exercise and think right approach, which are all very very important but is much much more.


The A Wealth of Health audio series is A $1,000 value! Don’t be alarmed, We want to get this info to you and it can be Yours now  for you and your family for only

$30 US.

This two hour, avg 2-7 min tracks, series is convenient to listen to topics, stop and review or start at various topics, though it is best advised at first to go through it in order. The tracks are in mp3 popular format.

To Order

To order, pay to Paypal account first then send me an email confirming payment and email address you would like the series sent to. Its quick and easy. Please be patient for initial reply.


Email address: encouraging3000@gmail.com

Consultations available at extra cost.

After listening to the AWOH audio series or even before, you may realize you have to work on certain areas of your life such as Anger, Relationships, and Self-Esteem. There are audio series and a book keyed in on these areas to assist you and your family growing in these areas with an overall impact of bringing you and your influence on others’ peace of mind, improved healthier relationships that will effect the generations, and improvement in one’s perception of self and thus others. Detailed description will be shared at a later time.

Learn More and How to Order Shades of Anger audio series by clicking on this link.

For the Comprehensive Nutritional Component click here.

Dr Robert Moultrie is looking forward to assisting and joining you with these series on your path of inner growth and health.

Dr. Moultrie is also available for individual and family or group consultations. Just send an email and we will further discuss and make arrangements.

Dr. Robert Moultrie

Paypal: Robert Moultrie


email: encouraging3000@gmail.com



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